How Many Players Are In Each Team?
There are four players per team, but a team with fewer players can still play.

Do I Need To Find A Team Before The Event?
No. We will help form teams at the event for anyone without a team. We will also post threads online to help players find teams before the event.

Do I Need To Be A Great Quizzer To Take Part?
Absolutely not. Come along to meet new people, learn new stuff and have fun. There aren’t many sports where you can just rock up and play against the best, but our quiz lets you do exactly that. Just play against yourself and the questions.

Do I Need To Register For Each Quiz Individually?
No. Once you’ve registered for the event, your name will be entered into all competitions, so you can participate in everything.

How Does LearnedLeague Live Work?
Competitors are randomly arranged in groups of eight, each group sitting at its own table. The quiz has seven timed rounds, each of six questions. Each round sees you go head to head with a different player from your group. You take-on all seven individually over the course of the quiz. While attempting to answer each question in a round correctly, you also have to assign a points value for each correct answer your opponent manages – they are doing the same, trying to second guess what you may know, while also assessing the relative difficulty level of each question. Each round you have to choose, assigning zero points to one question, 1 point each to two questions, 2 points each to another two, and finally 3 points to the remaining question. Skill (or luck) with this part of the game is just as important as knowing the answer to trivia questions! It is possible you can win a match with fewer, or the same number of correct answers as your opponent, and vice versa. For any game you win you earn 2 points on your group’s league table, which is updated after every round. A tie gets you 1 point. A loss gets you zero. The player who is top of the table in each group after seven rounds qualifies to play a second, final match, conducted along the same lines. The winner of that second round is the competition champion.

If something about the event isn’t clear to you, just drop us an email at and we will reply and will add your query to this page to help everyone.